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Strap it on - again! [19 Jan 2006|02:10am]


Issue 1 Release Party!
DV8 at The Jungle Club Atlanta
Friday, January 20

"Strap it on - again!"

This Friday (Jan.20), BUCKLE MAGAZINE will bring its pervy pages to DV8,
a new Friday club night at the Jungle (formerly the Chamber) off Cheshire Bridge Rd. (Atlanta)

Buckle Magazine is a brand spanking new quarterly erotic publication
that features the best and brightest - and emerging - talents in
erotic fashion, art, and photography. Check out images and designs
by Girl Armour, Steve Diet Goedde, Tyson McAdoo, Genesha, and lots more!

Club opens at 10:30pm, with djs Jennocide and Omac. Admission is $7 before midnight, $10 after.

See you there!

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[31 May 2005|11:48pm]
title or description
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[28 Apr 2004|08:22pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Hi, I'm new & I love everything glamorous. I think it started with playing dress up as a little girl, and progressed with my infatuation with glam rock, drag-queens, wigs, 70's shoes, and fake eyelashes.

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[05 Nov 2003|05:35pm]

i'm new.. this is me..

just 3 of me.Collapse )
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[16 Aug 2003|02:31am]


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back [06 Aug 2003|04:08pm]

i have moved my journal to helpmehollywood its lyrics only now. please feel free to add me if youd like. i love interacting.


JMax www.mp3.com/deepoceanvastsea Free unserious prelim recordings
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[29 Jul 2003|04:00pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

An air of compelling charm, romance, and excitement, especially when delusively alluring.

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liquid image cd in more stores now [22 Jul 2003|01:41pm]

That's right you can now pick up the "pulse" Cd for only $8 at these fine locations in atlanta, ga. wax n fax and crimanal records (little 5pts), Corner music (highland ave. in Va. Highlands), HMV (lenox mall) and Tower Records (buckhead). Soon more stores will be carrying the Cd. So please stop in and pick yourself up a copy.
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[26 Apr 2003|04:26pm]

in this room, we cant touch the floor..Collapse )
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new community! [21 Apr 2003|05:54pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

hiee! come join my new community about everything beauty and everything that makez you feel beautiful! http://www.livejournal.com/~beautyforever ! anyone can join!

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Hair [13 Apr 2003|06:19pm]

Im in need of a new hair cut and i cant cut it the way i want to for 3 months so im looking for a Bob type hair cut...but maybe choppier...if you have any ideahs or link to some good hair site can you please post them for me?? THankie Much I Love You! Peace, Jenna
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[12 Apr 2003|10:22pm]

i breathed..then dried you..off..Collapse )
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Rosemarie..you must keep on tryin'... [13 Mar 2003|03:47pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I just joined...the interests of this group just absolutely rocked my face off, so here I am.

Smell ya later!

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[05 Mar 2003|10:08pm]

because i am a picture skankatronCollapse )
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tsubasa digital multimedia erotica! - this saturday@secretroom@thechamber [26 Feb 2003|12:12pm]

See you at secretroom.net this Saturday (march 1), 10pm-3am, for the Tsubasa/Frank Lopez Digital Multimedia event at The Chamber! Details at

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one hour photo [30 Jan 2003|09:08pm]

Try these. I tried a little harder on them.

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there is more shit in life then 1 time on the can---if that makes sense [21 Jan 2003|02:16am]

[ mood | indescribable ]

holy shit! so you wanted adventure well i did too! I got it. So where did I leave off? oh yes. Well we went to the Chamber B$ and I. First off we stopped at Joe's. Ofcourse we sampled some beer and shot the shit while he got ready. Then off to the Chamber. This band Das Ich (the I) was playing that night. great and dandy. I'm not in to them, but I like shows because everyone comes out of the wood work etc. Many nice looking people. Where you there? Well met up w/ friends etc. Ok next thing I know there is drink, here is a shot. You get the idea. At closing we were trying to find out what to do. Okay, Party why not? As we were walking to the car. another car drives up with folks we know. Hey, I'm going to drive your car to the party. huh? ok. So we had fun in the car on the way to the party. Goodtimes. So went to this party at this house of this couple. up off 85. we get there and to make a long story short it was surreal. Not to go into detail(since you asked I want comment on your actions, you know who you guys are). next thing I know I'm in some room and the question asked was so you getting changeds or what. I'm all fucked up at this time. maybe was my reply. oh wait forgot. At the Chamber I told some girl I wanted to lick her, but turns out her boyfriend was right behind me as I said this. I was playing around shit head. Figure it out or you life. Either one will do you good.anyhow, So make a long story short. I ended up in a hot tub and next thing I now everyone is getting in. Well people start getting NEKID! It wasn't the most sightful thing. Use your imagination! Where are the Booze? There were none, So I got out and ran to the car freezing my ass off. It was 29 degrees out. Ran back in from the outside. I said " I'd walk a mile or a Camel". People turned around and were like what the fuck is up with chu? Beer man! Made it back down into the tub. The Shit went wrong. Make a short story we probally wore our welcome out. hey, but you got to love "Those Guys". HE JE EHEEHE HE! Finally we left and made it home to do it again next time. Sun. went to HIghlander to play Triva, or to wear my soul even thinner then it is. We lost. 4th by 1 pt. Suycks so we had to actually pay our tab. DAMN! It was hard shit this time around. So on the way home, I kept getting phone calls from a person I won't name. Basically, being a fool. Asking me questions about KB. Well how the fuck should I know why she won't call u back? I haven't talked to her in like 2 months. Turns out people got problems with you. At this point I did decided to call KB. That was tonight(Mon.)Why? I don't know. Cuz. That was wierd. You haven't talked to someone in months and waht the hell is there to talk about when shit is not in the same court? Hey what is up. You know that kind of shit. So it was neat, but just kind of wierd. What the hell is there to taLK ABOUT when you don't know then anymore? From what I gather she is good. Out on a trip to hang out with T. Reznor. Iguess that is what makes her happy...so cool. Oh..she did get my letter I sent before NEW years, but I was suprised that I was the one to bring it up in conversation. I guess it is all cool. It is strange when you don't want something then you give in. Then it is gone as quick as it came and you want it back. SUX. That was a metaphor!!!!! Think about it. I hate you/ I love you/ I'll see you in the stars above!!!! Pookie! So yeah it has been a good weekend. For me and to keep all of you ent. What's next? Tune in and I'll let you know soon enough. For thise I've added to my friend list of recent, I thought yo were cool and had something to say even if I haven't met you....yet. Till next week when the circus rises again.

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[23 Dec 2002|03:04pm]

i'm pretty new to livejournal too... so i'm joining the communities that catch my eye. So feel free to add me as a friend...
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[23 Dec 2002|03:04pm]

i'm pretty new to livejournal too... so i'm joining the communities that catch my eye. So feel free to add me as a friend...
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fishnets, heels, and red lip stick [16 Nov 2002|02:54pm]

hello. I came across this thing.

dont know what to say.

-xoxo mimi
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